Tutorial Help Needed:External Inst. & Ctrl Rm. Placement

Hey everyone - after many years of using older and Elements version of Cubase, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to 9 Pro. With my new-found confidence, I’ve started trying to make use of all the little workflow bells & whistles that should make my life easier, but I’m struggling to find decent tutorials for some things that aren’t really explained well in the manual, and I’m badly in need of a few step-by-step guides that properly explain how to do stuff.

Here’s my main issue. I’m using a controller keyboard (it’s a Novation Impulse, but it could really be anything) as a USB MIDI controller device - no problems here, all the knobs and faders and stuff work too, even though Novation reckon it doesn’t integrate with Cubase properly since V8. One of my synths is a Mininova, also connected over USB MIDI - patching editing is a bit of a pig, but it comes with a plug-in editor which I’ve never been able to successfully use.

Traditionally, when I’m writing a new tune using a combination of hardware and VST instruments, I’ll create a MIDI channel for the Mininova and play it from the Impulse while I’m composing, then when the tune is complete, I’ll create an audio track and record the Mininova, subsequently muting/disabling the MIDI track while I mix it.

I get the impression that I can create the Mininova as an external instrument, and configure it so that I still play it via the the Impulse, but only need to use one track to do it. Also, if I have it set up as an external instrument I can apparently open the editor as a plug-in on that track and hear the tweaks I’m making to the patch as it’s playing.

Now, I can create the Mininova as an external instrument with no problem as far as the audio is concerned, but I come unstuck when I get to configuring the MIDI control of it. I can’t get that to do anything sensible at all, the MIDI setup page is confusing, and I can’t find a decent tutorial that’ll talk me through it.

Also, I’m using (and totally in love with) the Control Room feature - I run with two monitors, and have the Project window on the left and the mix console with the control room on the right monitor. Currently the Control Room strip sits on the right hand side of the window - is there any way to move it to the left side?

Many thanks for all helpful responses!




I have sent you a PM.