Tutorial on audio following tempo?

So, I used Cubase4 for years…never fully understanding hitpoints and slicing, etc. I don’t work with loops and such very much…but, I keep running up against place where I wish I could try a tempo change when there’s a mix of multitrack audio and MIDI…but, no matter what I do, it never wroks as I need it to.

Here’s what I know:

A million ways to tempo map it. So, I use a combo of tapping the tempo and the warp tool to accurately map “free time” audio. Been doing that for years scoring to band recordings without clicks…

And I’ve read the manual…gone into the pool and set the audio tracks to musical mode and defined their start tempos. I’ve detected hitpoints and sliced. Still–change the tempo, and the audio changes–but not to really follow.

However, if I JUST want a stereo/mono drum loop to follow the tempo, I slice it, and it follows within reasonable range just fine.

I’ve watched the tutorials on the C6 DVDs. FWIW

So, I’m a bit at my wits end…right now, as a real world example…I have a track I’m working with a remote drummer. I need to tell him to increase the tempo some amount of BPM in the chorus. If this is all sliced and diced, should I not be able to just increase it here and see how it sounds? I’m not even concerned with this being UBER final pressing quality–it’s always for the sake of experimentation/exploration of varying the tempo.

I know exactly how to sort of “offline” non real time, adjust the tempo, adjust the size of the section (applying timestretch) in order to make a permanent change…but, there are a lot of steps…I’d rather it just follow along with the midi. Am I dreaming here? It seems like Cubase and Logic tout being able to do this…and I can get it to do it with a simple loop…but, once I include multiple audio tracks and MIDI…I’m missing something fundamental.

Anyone know of a good tutorial on that particular aspect? Any help? I’m tempted to say in c4 OR 6…since I have both installed (4/32 and 6/64).

Of course…I pull the drummer’s track into this one…and NOW…it works. Hmm. I did have to activate the Elastique–is that new in v6? It did weird warbly things (although following tempo) with the MPEX…

So, maybe I HAVE figured it out? Still…be nice–if anyone has a good resource on Audio Warp “best practices” or such…I use this Cubase PC for two things mainly, quick demos and final VI sequencing on strings/horns/such…this feature is really great for the quick demo side.

Like right now…I can now tell the drummer that what he’s playing is fine–we just need to ramp up 129-132 for the chorus…briefly back down…up…and back to 129 as it goes back to the verse. I can send him a new acoustic/vocal/bass/click that actually follows that map!