Tutorial on Watch folders?

Any good tutorials on watch folders out there? I’m trying to build one to (mass) convert files to mp3s to be playable in the audio player in a car I just bought. I watched the Steiny one on YouTube (earlier WL version), and I think I followed all the steps, but I’m missing something, and nothing happens when I drop a file in it. Seems like it should be simple. Must I have active plugins in the batch processor to have it work? I only need to convert file types.

Of course, in WL9, I’m still trying to learn how to open the windows I need. The help is not helping. Sure, I can read all about how to use all the features once a particular folder is open, I just can’t figure out how to open it in the first place. None of the cursing and screaming at the interface seems to be helping. :confused:

When you start the watch folder, do you at least see the file ReadMe.html being created inside it?


Then that should mean the watch folder is active.
When you drag an audio file to the folder, nothing happens, this is what you said. But did you set the watch folder to accept the file type you drop. For instance, do you have this:
2016-03-16 18_13_53.png

Yes, though I had it set for the specific file types I dropped into it.

Next point to check, is the output folder. What setting did you choose?

Also, did you try to run both the watch folder as an internal and external process? (you are given the choice when you press the start button)