Tutorials for Halion 5 ?

Do anyone know some site for free Halion 5 tutorials… I would appreciate it.


Halion 4 - Getting Started
Halion 5 - From scratch to patch

Pretty basic, but enough to get you started.


Edit : oops, I saw you were looking for free tutorials, sorry! :blush:

Don’t forget, The pdf User Manual is Free :laughing:

see Steinberg’s channel on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF13G2tEc0s

Well $15 for a month’s access to all their content is pretty reasonable and as close to free as you can get without actually being free. I signed up a couple days ago and the Halion videos really helped move me from WTF to having a grounding in how to proceed. Just started the BFD3 videos and they seem much more in-depth than the Halion - and significantly longer too.

Those G3 videos are good but a bit limited. They are done by the guy Mark Struthers, he is very long winded, and belabours small points. He actually went so far to talk about synth osc and reverb settings in the Halion videos.

The second time around, I got more out of them after I had read the manual again, but overall the best lesson is the operation manual, read it slowly and try to understand everything by imagining your own examples… like imagine a multisampled snare when they talk about zones and triggers, etc.

Otherwise, with H5, imo you are on your own.

I have to agree with you on that. He tends to take the long way to get anywhere. When demonstrating something he’d often select several items to use as an example when one would work just fine and be quicker. Still watching 2 hours of video made the manual much more useful.

The problem with the manual is that it doesn’t provide any overview to create context. It pretty much heads straight into every detail from the first page. This is great for reference, but not so good for establishing an initial understanding of what’s going on - what is crucial to understand and what isn’t. Compare the Halion manual with the Scores portion of the Cubase manual - another complex and not always intuitive topic. The Scores documentation starts off with a good overview that supplies context for all the details that come in later chapters. Having that context makes it easier to read the remaining manual and focus on what is important to you now and skip over (for the time being anyway) what isn’t. The way the Halion manual is structured you can’t really do that - you just get thrown into the deep end of the pool and hope you can teach yourself how to swim before drowning. Documentation that must be read slowly and carefully is not well constructed (I say this as someone who in a previous life hired tech writers to produce documentation).

The BFD3 videos are done by a guy named Eli Krantzberg who does a lot of the Groove 3 videos. He is much better than Mark - quick pacing, clear explinations and through. Looking forward to some of the other topics he’s covered.

That is 100% spot on Raino. With the manual too. Like I said, I have come to ‘pretend’ my own situations and try correlate them with what the manual provides.

And this really isn’t one of those situations where you’d have H5 open, manual pulled to the side (on a Mac, Cubase needs to be in front :wink:, and get thru it that way, H5 is not linear in that way, you’ll always be distracted by the details.

I agree Eli, is GOOD. He understands that if you are looking at G3 videos, you assume a certain level of knowledge, get to the nitty gritty, without going over our head.

I like the increasing discussions coming in here though. I think if we all keep at it this way, and bounce ideas, we’ll be fine. When someone asks a question, it is a challenge for me to see if I remember answers intuitively or at least if I’m thinking along the right grain. This is how it starts to come together for me.

Groove3’s “Halion 5 - From scratch to patch” is very basic, thin, and poorly done. :frowning:
I’m waiting for something way more in-depth.

Maybe he’ll do one for HALion 6. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Halion 6 - From Patch to just a teeny weeny bit Patchier”


And yet it is entirely appropriate and despite the poor presentation very useful to someone (like myself) who is starting from scratch. Don’t assume that because it isn’t a good fit for your needs, that no one else will benefit from it. Unfortunately if they do decide to do a more in-depth video it will likely be done by the same guy so the quality won’t improve.

This one from Simon Stockhausen is very well done… Thanks Simon