Tutorials for Halion 5

For us newbies that are new to the Halion 5 flagship sampler. it appears to be a great piece of software but the learning curve is extreme. Anyone know of any tutorials to help us navigate through the complexities? are there any plans to make an in depth Steinberg Halion 5.1 Tutorial?

Here is one on Halion 4:


And here is one on HALion 5:


Thanks Robert, actually, I have watched the groove3 tutorials you have mentioned. Halion 5 is like an entirely new instrument compared to Halion 4, not too many similarities enough to grasp Halion 5 . As far as the from scratch to patch Halion 5 tutorial, it was Totally useless to me, seeing how I purchased the flagship model based on the pre conceived notion of using it like a tradional sampler with perhaps more modern features. like using the sampler to slice loops, import, export samples and rearrange loops. Halion 5 is a Sampler right ? Actually I wish I had Purchased Kontakt instead. As it is, It appears I have paid an enormous price for Halion sonic 2 which I really Like, as that comes with Halion 5.
There are tons of video tutorials on youtube for Kontakt. search youtube and see how many tutorials there are on Halion 5 Not very many indeed. this should give you the indication of the popularity of Halion, Its as though Halion does not even exists. Halion 5 is also a cpu hoggg. Please do not get me wrong, I love Steinberg Cubase and have been a loyal user since VST 3.0 and will continue to grow with Steinberg, However the Halion 5 Flag ship Sampler Is To Cluttered, Very steep learning curve as well as Outdated sounds. I am very disappointed.
I am willing to sell my license for half price or best offer if any one wants to purchase it.

Maybe I’m misreading you, but are you saying that Halion can’t slice loops?

No, I Am Not saying that. I was, even with my meager level of comprehension, able to determine there was a sampler somewhere hidden within the software.
I will try and make it very clear what I am saying, and that is, It is My Fault for purchasing Halion 5 without doing a more thorough investigation of the software with regards to other sampler offerings on the market. By me being such a huge fan of Steinberg and their Products, I was sort of beguiled by the Halion 5 promotional campaign produced by Steinberg, that I hurriedly when out and purchased the product. Had I not have been in such a rush to obtain the software, I would have realized that Halion 5, just was not the product for me. I am sure for some of you it is more than a great piece of software, but for my needs personally, it was something that I just did not need.
So, with that being said, I wish those of you that are happy with the software, enjoy it and make great music with it, prosper, learn and grow with it to achieve your goals Musically.
My License is available for sale cheap if anyone is interested. it can be a great gift for a friend if you already own the software.
Kind Regards

I have posted a tutorial request for Halion 5 on the MacProVideo forums.

So far … Nothing on Halion 5 from MPV. :unamused:

Yea, I have done the same on the Macpro forums to no avail. Again, there is a reason for the lack of support and interest in this product. I personally feel it is the cluttered Gui, no 2nd party add on products similar to Kontakt, Bloated with too many parameters, button pushing, clicking to get to a specific task, sounds are somewhat out dated just to name a few, Very Cpu intensive, hopefully Cubase 8 will help with that. Must not forget the steep learning curve with no Proper professional tutorials. Anyway , it is taking up too much space on my desktop , so I will just put it on a shelf until I can find someone interested in buying it.

Yes, I do find it a bit clumbersome considering that it’s the flagship sampler plus, I don’t understand why they’re aren’t any decent videos like with GA4…which seems to be more liked by Steinberg than HALion 5. I guess that they’ve gotten more into drumming these days…it’s ashame!

I totally agree, like I said go to youtube and see how many videos there are on Halion 5 ??? no one is using it and there is no tutorial support for it either. I personally believe it is basically the main interface which it is so crowed with gizmos/ buttons /sections/tree section, none which are self explanatory. Crowded Gui, you have to be a rocket scientist to navigate through this software.
Cmon Steinberg, We paid a lot of money for this Software and you have abandoned it. Macprovideo and Groove 3 will not even consider tutorials on this and these are 2 of the most popular software learning and training sites out there.
Kontakt appears to have it right, which seems to be the most popular sampler on the market at this time. There must be a reason why.
When I open up Halion 5 I am right away indaunted with confusion. I do not have a PHD in electronic software management.
I feel like I am in the Space Shuttle with all this cluttered navigating system.
Been A Loyal Steinberg User For Almost 20 years And Have Never Been This Disappointed Before.
I’m Doomed And I’m Done With This Halion 5 !!!


the best Halion 5 Workshop you can find here:


but it’ s in german only.

Thanks Maggie, yes, I have seen and just glanced over the German tutorial on YouTube, but could not really grasp the content properly due to my inability to speak German. However, I will make another attempt to absorb it, this time without any volume on the audio , thereby focusing more effort on the processes that he is using to demo Halion 5.
I will post an update after I give it some serious viewing.

Yea, I tried viewing the videos to no avail. it was just a promo snippet and I could not see any definite tutorials without purchasing the videos which are in German. I did get an email response that they are working on an English version of tutorials but no date set as of now.

Have you viewed Greg Ondo’s H5 tutorial at Club Cubase?

Table of contents available.
It’s an excellent place to begin. And it’s free!

Thanks, yes, I was one of those that suggested the Halion 5 tutorial, unfortunately Greg failed miserably by just skimming through the software, not going to much detail pertaining to the operation of the software. Yes, I did learn some things.
How about a tutorial about creating a song using your own samples as well as the included content from start to finish.
more like a step by step procedure similar to those tutorials that are posted on Macprovideo and Groove3, My favorite sources of software instruction.
Do I need to explain what a in-depth tutorial should contain??
Lets face it, Steinberg has abandoned this software and has no intention of helping the buyers to learn how to use it properly.
why are there not more videos on youtube?? that’s because there is hardly anyone using it in the 1st place! Now the question is, why ? How come halion 5 is not as popular as other Sampler offerings such as kontakt???
Not only that, But where is the Steinberg moderator with regards to this post? how many responses and inquiries are needed to warrant the response from a Steinberg representative from this Steinberg Forum?
I Ask You Mr,Or Mrs Steinberg, Can You Address These Questions That are In My Post???

HALion has been on a steady development cycle since v4: 4, 4.5, and 5. The 5.1 update was recently released.

Starting with your first post, where you say you are a newbie, some posts later you come to this conclusion without even understanding the software? Wow! :unamused:

I bought Halion some years before. I used it a lot as simple preset player … then started to analyse some of the presets … deeper and deeper … played with some parameters … learned to love the flex phrazers …
I used the manual a lot. I watched the tutorials at Groove 3 too. And, as a native speaker for german, I watched the tutorials by Holger Steinbrink to dive much deeper.

Halion is a mighty tool … and you just blame Steinberg that you are not able to learn this tool? Play, try, read, ask here … but giving up so fast? What’s wrong with so many people who just think, music tools are one click wonders and that you have to be able to learn all about it in some hours or days? One of the most fun I have is: to learn. Every day … every week … that is a lot fun too for me working with these tools. Same for Groove Agent 4, I also own and use.

So, I don’t think that your pathetic question will be heard by “Mr,Or Mrs Steinberg”.

Stop whining … make music. For my taste Halion 5 is a great tool with a lot of fresh sounds and a lot of possibilities to do that. :wink:


Thanks Alex For Voicing Your Concerns, It Appears That only A Pathetic Person would Insinuate Insults Because of Not having Natural intelligence Such As Yourself.
Hey If you Want To Make This A Forum of Insulting Metaphors By All Means help Yourself . But , Even Though I Do Not Agree With Your Comments Does Not mean That I Am Right And You Are wrong.
It Sounds As Though You Are The One Who Appears To Be Whining. I Say Try And Spend More Time Thinking Of Positive Things Instead Of The Negative. Enjoy Your Life And Move on…
Peace !!
For Your Info, There Are many Others That Feel As I Do. Its Just That I May Be The Only One With The Courage To Speak Up About It.

Yes I do. See ya.



Can’t we all just get along? :wink: