Tutorials on the "Correct" Application of Reverb?


Does anyone have any YouTube links on how reverb is used by “more knowledgeable” mixing engineers? I’m hoping to find something that describes how it is typically used on vocals, drums, etc. and includes stuff like layering multiple types of reverb to get the instrument to sit well in the mix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :ugeek:

Sonnox had one by fab. I could full your ear next week too.


I think this might be the one Tom is referring to…


It’s excellent, as are most of Fab’s videos.

I now use a set up similar to Fab’s, though instead of using the “Office” Reverb for placing the instrument
in the room, I use the “positioning” feature (similar to Altiverb I guess) of my Independence Origami which
uses a little more trickery and sounds just that bit better. The positioner is pretty processor intensive though,
(once the track number starts to build up), so I’ll use the “Office” reverb send while building the song and then render with the positioner for the final mix.

I basically have a track archive of 3 sends of Fab’s 3 EQ’d reverbs setup that I import into each new project
that I start.


One of my favorite vids. Have always wanted to see a vid of this kind of multi-verb technique as applied to vox.

Thanks all. I’ll have a listen at some point. Right now I have a lot of crap that just got dumped on me in real life.

I found a great and very detailed video on this topic as well.

Mixing with Mike

I understand a lot better how this process works. Gonna go watch the one by Fab that you all recommended now.

Edit: ah, I have to pay for that video? :laughing: I’m not begrudging his right to earn money for his knowledge and expertise, but I think I may try to absorb what the Mixing with Mike video says first.

Has anyone seen this?



First thought: the animation looks cool :sunglasses:

There are two good youtube channels I’d recommend. 1) Mixbus TV, 2) Into the Lair Both are run by engineers and cover a wide variety of topics both technical and philosophical.

Good luck.

If I worked in 5.1 or some format of Surround, this might be a useful tool. So many amazing products out there.


Yep excellent stuff and generally very in depth and thought provoking :smiley:

Thanks for the link. I can’t seem to get it at more than very low quality YouTube display (something like 360), I’ll have to watch it a few times or more since I can’t actually read what the writing on the DAW is.

But it looks like it was great!