TV 2 Norway - using VST Live on the Good morning show

We have started to use the VST Live on our daily morning show.
It all started with the request from more and more “artist” that they would like to have an auto-tune option. Out of this we started to look into how to replace some of the very old boxes for signal processing and start the journey to an all digital workflow.

We ended up with an Antelope Synergy Pro 8, since it has a hardware plugin of auto-tune running on it. And for the rest I wanted to try out VST Live for it.

In VST Live we run Liquid Sonics’ Seventh Heaven, which is a Bricasti M7 emulation. And we also want to replace and old Delay box, so we have now started to use the internal delay effects.

On this fridag (12th may 2023), we had the first artist running, but ironicly she didn’t want auto-tune… but we had a wonderful reverb and echo running from VST Live. And it worked perfectly. The engineer was really happy.

Now I just have to find him a controller with a good pad for tapping tempo, and some knobs and faders.

I just discovered the action page, and manage to set tempo via tap tempo for application. This will really be a killer workflow. The engineer needs to have a good, nice big button for quickly tapping the tempo, so that is the next step.

all in all. It works very very good. (even for a small use like this, it really is a nice fit, since it is such a versatile application.)


… wohoo! Excellent! Thank you for sharing, @helgetjelta.

I’ve been trying to use in the box effects on vocals but I’m getting latency, so I’ve given up. Did you not have latency problems?

Hi Jakdracula, normaly latency problem is down to two problems.

  1. Driver of soundcard
  2. Plugins that need really big buffers

both of these will contribute to not having a great result.

I tend to stick with Thunderbolt soundcards, as most drivers gives a very low latency. Also keep in mind USB drivers normally will add more latency. But RME-audio is a really great exception, they have fantastic drivers for usb. So search and try out.

Just remember if you go to low on the buffer/latency you computer might not hold up.

this rig we have done here is on a mac mini m1

For reverbs the latency migt not be that big of a deal as you normally have some kind of predelay (reverb). But for delay, if you are going to use sync-tempo then a big latency will make your delay more behind…

So all in all, if the soundcard/audio interface works with low latency in other programs it should also work in VST Live.

That being said, some programs (i.e. XLNaudio’s Addictive drummer) have som crazy low buffer setting reulting in < 1ms latency… and then you can get the sound in a headset much much before the acutal acoustic sound from a drum stick hitting a e-drum pad.

For drummers the latency if a really really big issue, unless you have HW monitoring, but then, VST Live is made for SW monitoring. So get the fastest audiocard and choose your plugs wisely.


In my experience:
TB for OSX
USB-C for Win & OSX

My TB3 UAD runs with any low samples of buffer w.o. any glich for simple things while on win11 needs the same device set to 256samples. with the same project

I couldn’t solve this difference so finally
I purchased an USB-C device for win11…

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Nice to know, mine has always been macOS. I know nothing about windows and audio.

Thanks Fkalmus