Tweak Request

Cubase 6 is mutts nuts


What about more standard colours (a standard palette containing more standard colours)? And/or a facility to save your own colours as a colour set that you can recall into your projects globally like you can with key commands?

Think this would be useful, and easy to include

You could save sets in C5. It looks like you can in the C6 documentation. Are you sure you can’t save your own set?

I larger standard pallet would be nice for sure.

you can add as many colours as you like to the palette and save them and load them up as your default from the workspace tool bar ,all looks pretty good to me !


whew, glad that feature isn’t gone. But, I do wish they had added a much larger base set of colors. Something like 40 shades across in 8 bands (5 each). That’s what I have set up in 5, and it took forever to get the shades in the right place. The editor is horrible for setting up an extended palette.

hi jm

to be honest i only had 5 for about 2 weeks before upgrading to c6 so i couldn’t compare but its a big improvement on sx3 :wink:
just had a play with it and you can adjust and add as many as you like and it even even gives a pastel setting which is smart , was that in c5 ?


I know what you mean about it taking ages to set up more colours, I did it for a project

but it only brings them up in that project?

think there should be a dropdown so you can ‘load’ in your own, and you should be able to choose between a short and a longer extended set

you might want fewer colours for a different style of project, so could load up a different set

you are right, setting up your own colours is very long winded

And I believe you only have the option to ‘save as default’ you mght not want to do this

If you mean a colour palette, that’s in C5 as well. If not, what exactly is meant by “pastel setting”?

Yes, I don’t have C6 yet, but in C5 you can make your custom palette the Cubase program default, and you can load/save palettes.

I have options to save to curent set as defaults, load project defaults to current set, reset current set to factory defaults, rest to project deafaults. (like in C5)

but no ability to save different sets and call them up

for example you can save different key commands ‘setups’ and name them, then load them in along with other templates like ‘logic’ etc.

but you can’t do this with colour palettes unless you want to overwrite the defaults

Ah, you’re correct.

It would be nice if you could save palette templates and recall them later.

+1 definitely

Well, you can get the same result (even if it is a bit “fiddly”)…
If you have a palette with which you are happy, just save the Project. Also, if you wish, save a Project that contains the factory default palette.
So now, load whichever cpr contains the desired palette, and, in the Colors Setup dialog, click on the “Save Current Set as Program Defaults” button, then close the Project and open the Project to which you wish to apply that palette, open the Colors Setup dialog again, and “Load Program Defaults to Current Set”. Save the Project again.