two amazing ideas for groove agent one

first up… loading your own sample into groove agent is a pain on a single screen. with mediabay beatdesigner and groove agent loaded there is just not enough screen space. so how about a simple right click on the pad and insert sample option?

second… it would be fabulous if you could assign a pad to a midi track you can then transpose a sample up and down the keys! cubase would finally have that simple sampler we’ve all been waiting for!

Aloha gstar,
and +2

If screen space is your problem, have you tried the new MediaBay “Mini Browser”? It’s assigned to F7 by default. Works great in combination with saved browse locations. I use the full view to set up my browse locasions and I can then quickly jump between views in the Mini Browser with the “Locations” section visible on top of the result list. Saves a lot of screen real estate.

Re. Transpose: would you really consider transpose up and down from a keyboard to be sufficient for calling it a “sampler”?

i just wont a simple sampler like the one in abelton. i would love to cut a bit of audio out of my project sling it on to a pad and mess around with loads of fx and spice it up. i love the drag and drop of groove agent. at the moment i’m cutting samples out exporting it then loading it up in to kontact. its a drag! im a house music producer and work with friend on abelton and the thing you can get done quickly like this is amazing!

Have you ever tried cutting a bit of audio out of a track and drag it onto Loopmash? There’s a lot of stuff you can do with the new performance fx in LoopMash 2.