Two Audio Interfaces to Cubase?

Hi there,

Maybe a silly question, but can I use two audio interfaces to Cubase (Steinberg UR28M and Yamaha MG12UXK) with Cubase 10.5.12 on Windows at the same time?

The Audio Connections under Studio only seems to see one at a time but not both it seems.

If you had some tips, that would be great.

Thank you and cheers, Roland

Yes you vsn, if you have an ASIO driver that manages them. plenty of threads about this in here. Just do a search for ASIO4All for example.

Dante Via

This question isn’t silly and no, you can’t use more than one Audio Interface directly within Cubase.

BUT, as svennilenni wrote, there are ASIO-Drivers that can control more than one hardware device, for instance ASIO4All or Voicemeeter. So you use THEM as the one audio interface driver in Cubase, not the Yamaha drivers, and THEY control your both devices. Unfortunately, that often comes with a small increase of latency.

Not a stupid question at all. I think we all (Windows users) would love to see that working with the original drivers of the manufacturers, since they are superior in many respects compared to Asio4all and co.

Unfortunately Steinberg has not even prepared cubase for quick switches of audio-interfaces, which requires new audio connections to be established. Unfortunately as a major design problem, Steinberg did not connect Audio-Port names to the respective Interface and the existing “automatic search for similar connections” makes switching in a project unhandy (there is not even a way to save ALL types of audio connections in one single preset).
Obviously noone had the idea that within ONE single project one would maybe love to work with different interfaces at different times and for different puposes.

Ah, thank you guys so much! I’ll give it a try with the ASIO4ALL driver (I used it in the past trying to de-bug things that didn’t work on my UR28M - so I still have it around.)

It would be really nice if Steinberg adds this capability to its native driver. In my case for example; I wanted to use one interface for voice-over work, and the other for music recording/production.

With the ASIO4ALL tip I can at least work around that for the time being - thanks again for the tip!

Have a super weekend all. Cheers, Roland