Two bugs (I think): grace notes, dynamics

Not sure if it’s me, my entering it or actual bugs in Dorico.
I just want to report them.

  1. If the first note is a grace note, it won’t play
    I have attached the example from Carmen Act I that is in Piston’s book (p53).
    There is a grace note in pretty much every bar. They all play but not the first one.

  2. changing dynamics doesn’t seem to change anything during play, unless I save and reload
    Again, same example, switching from ppp to fff doesn’t do much for the replay until I save/close/open

    I am new to notation, but love Dorico’s approach, good job guys, keep going at it!
    (I know software development process… and the only thing I have to say, do it right the first time, rush but don’t cut corners)

PS: crap, I can’t attach dorico files! really? jpg then

You can attach Dorico files, but you have to zip them before.

I think I already read something about the first note being a grace note, some time ago. I thought that this bug had been taken care of…

Both are known issues. Grace notes at the start of the score don’t play back and edits to dynamics don’t take effect in the same session.