Two bugs left over from Dorico 4

I’m using Dorico 5 and found two bugs left over from Dorico 4.

I don’t know what your first video shows, so perhaps you could take a moment to provide some additional context to allow us to understand what you’re asking about.

As for applying colour to all the notes in a tie chain, this is not a bug, but it’s certainly an annoying limitation in the way selections differ between Write and Engrave modes. We’d like to improve this in future, but it’s not simple.

Let me explain the first video.
I use an external VST instrument called Synthesizer V in Dorico. At the beginning of the Dorico4 release, Dorico couldn’t sync with the software, but then you guys fixed it, but there is a new problem, if I have a note at the beginning of the first bar in Synthesizer V, there will be some strange sounds In the beginning, this is not normal, because this problem does not exist in other DAW.

Dorico’s tempo sync is pretty rudimentary at this point. We hope to provide more detailed tempo sync in a future version, but I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do about this at present.

I know you say in your blog, “Dorico sends the initial tempo at the start of the flow to plug-ins loaded by the audio engine, and provided the tempo doesn’t change over the course of the flow…” and I guess what you are saying above is that down the road Dorico will be able to handle pickup notes and tempo changes within a file so that Groove Agent and the like can use loops safely in files that change tempo. That is welcome news.

My expectation (not yet having a chance to experiment with Dorico 5 until I finish reading all the support materials) is that the best way to use Groove Agent currently in files that change tempo partway through is to…

  1. drag a loop onto the key editor
  2. use Groove Agent as a VST for notated sounds

Once Dorico can send tempo change info back to plug-ins, that should help with additional VST-like add-on’s like EmVoice, I hope.

Thanks for a great new version of Dorico!