Two-channel acoustic guitar editing

I have two guitar kennels, a mic and a line.
I want to use the FREE WARP tool to edit both at the same time to avoid phase cancellation, is this possible? How is done?
I group them using Ctrl + G, I click on the two it goes to editing, but when I edit, only one moves.

I tried all the ways and it is not possible to edit two channels at the same time using FREE WARP.
This is unfortunate, because I record a lot of guitar using mic and line, and if it is automatically quantized, the sound is chorus.
Does anyone have a solution for this or will I have to go back to the software I was using? He does it very well.

If the two channels are mono, pan them each and then export them to a stereo file…then import it and edit that file. Just an idea :slight_smile:


Hi, there is software that does this much better. Auto Align does a great job.

Thanks for the indication, but the problem is not phase alignment, but quantizing the two guitar channels “mic and line” at the same time in free warp mode, only one channel is possible at a time.
I didn’t find a way to quantize the two channels at once in free warp mode.

Thanks, but it takes a bit of work, because I will mix the channels individually and then play in the group to mix in general, and exporting in stereo, it will not be possible to do that in the future.
Thank you anyway.

Once you’ve done your free warp editing just split the stereo file to two mono files. Then continue as normal. Perhaps we will get multi-track free warp in Cubase 11.

We hope that in Cubase 11 you have this option, because it is used a lot. When will Cubase 11 be released? Do you have a date?

depending on the used software, you can send the stereo tracks to two mono groups and from there to the next group / mix.

Why would I have a date? The speculation on this forum is that it will be sometime around the middle of this month. Beyond that, you know as much as I do.

The typing went wrong, the sentence would be: do you know when the release will be? Perhaps Cubase 11 comes with an option to edit two channels at the same time.

YES it is possible ! :bulb:

i have been doing this for many many years directly in the arrange window since SX/C5 days.

My workflow:
select all events. Group them (key command). Switching grid to events (!)
Switch selection tool 1 to time stretching.
I cut with ALT, zoom in with mouse wheel, set the cuts in which the audio should be warped.
It´s s also perfectly phase-locked to the other tracks because of grouping. :bulb:

please see this short vid:


another nice tool is SLIP EDITING

ideal for guitars e.g. (because warping sounds like :confused: )
SHIFT + ALT, then move wave content within the audio event(s)

short vid:

I am not missing anything…


Thanks for the video and for commenting, but that’s not it.
Watch the video - (
It only edits one channel.