Two Control Room Questions

New to setting up the Control Room and really enjoyed setting it up - great features, helpful videos.

I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 with 8 audio inputs, PC with i5 Quad Core, 24 gb RAM

Question 1 - In Control Room setup I want to have eight (simultaneous) inputs but appears that I can only have a total of 7 external inputs. Is this correct? I’m probably setting it up incorrectly but would appreciate any suggestions.

Question 2 - When I set up the external inputs in the Control Room (“Mic 1” though “Mic 7”), the Track Inspector lists inputs for EXT1, EXT2, Mic 2 though Mic 7, while the Control Room lists inputs EXT 1 and Mic 1 through Mic 7. Anyone else have this issue? Again, my setup is probably incorrect but would appreciate any suggestions.

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Hi, can you tell me where the ‘helpful vids’ are please? I couldn’t find any.

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Zongdude, what are you trying to do with all the external inputs?

Good question MarQs - My goal is to use all 8 available inputs simultaneously routed through my Focusrite. So, I played around with it and left 6 of the 8 inputs in the VST Connections - Inputs Tab while keeping one Exernal Input (stereo) in the VST Connections - Studio Tab. So now, my revised Studio setup has one External stereo input (Ext. 1), one headphone mix output, and one monitor pair output. It works better and the 8 inputs respond accordingly. My mistake was trying to have all inputs routed only in in the Studio Tab.

Since doing this, the glitch in Question 2 seems to have evaporated. Regardless, any suggestions/advice is appreciated.


The videos I watched were on YouTube - “Demystifying the Control Room in Cubase”(, Steinberg’s “Cubase 8 Quick Start Videos Chapter 11 Other workflows” (, and “Tutorial | Cubase 7.5 Advanced automations and setting up the control room” ( The first and third videos were using earlier versions of Cubase but were helpful for me in in visualizing/understanding the routing concepts.

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cheers Guy’s… :slight_smile:

But I find it confusing to watch videos relating to 6 and 7…everything looks different…wish there was an in depth of the C8 control room…

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I agree, Kevin - the Cubase 8 videos breeze over it rather quickly but there’s tiny gems in there that will help you. I found repeated viewing was very helpful, alongside with making the same changes to my setup in C8 to verify it actually works. A better video/tutorial is a great idea.

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I’ll watch them again… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Just looked at one again…they tell you what you can do but not how to do it…daft!!

Groove 3 has a couple of sections in their Cubase 8 Pro video about the Control Room. Interestingly a 1 month pass to all their videos cost $15 while the C8 class alone is double that.

Hi all,

Just thought I’d jump in here to let you know we have a guide on our answerbase detailing how to configure Scarlett/Saffire Mix Control and Focusrite Control for use with Cubase’s Control Room which can be found here:

Though it’s not a full walkthrough of how to actually use the Control Room, it does go through all the different steps to set up each of the features that Control Room allows and shows some example configurations integrating our Mix Control/Focusrite Control routing software.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support

Thanks for your interest…the problem I’m having is in the control room connections I’ve got monitors set to monitor left and right and my soundbooth connected to the Yamaha N8’s aux left and right…the monitors work OK but I cannot get the aux (soundbooth)…if I click on it in control room I get nothing…also, talkback mic is on all the time…if i switch it off in control room it just goes a bit quieter, never off…

can’t believe there is no in depth vid for plonkers like me who need it… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

cheers, Kevin

edit…also If I click the talkback off and on the main monitors get louder or quieter… :question: :question:

I’d double check how you have your routing set up in both VST Connections and the software for your audio interface. It sounds like you might have some Cubase outputs routed to multiple physical outputs and/or vice-a-versa. Just a guess, but…

I’m definitely mentally challanged when it comes to routing and busses… :laughing: :laughing: :unamused: :unamused:

if I had two brains that would step me up to …’‘idiot’’ status… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

by the way…my apologies to zongdude, I appear to have hi jacked his thread a bit…

Ha ha - it’s all yours, my friend -


It’s fairly simply. From memory, what you need to do is create either stereo or mono returns in the the VST Connections/Control room setup. Each of these would be designated as a CUE. These returns should route signal to the inputs of your audio interface. Depending on your interface, you may have to make physical connections to a headphone amp or your digital mixer and distribute signals from there. Once that is done, you would go to mix console and make sure you are displaying your cue sends for each track. You would then make your customized headphone mixes for each cue from here. There are many powerful things that can be done with the control room but what I explained is the generic basic instructions on how to get it working.

Yeah thanks cmafia…I’ve done all that and my talkback mic is on all the time, even after switching it via the talkback button…also I can’t get a sound out of the mix for the soundbooth…it’s gotta be me, I know this…just cannot deal with this stuff, it really seems to be more complicated than it need be, of course…once you know how to set it up it’s easy…hopefully sometime before the millennium I’ll manage it. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :blush: :blush:

best, Kevin