Two different clefs on one staff


is there a way to have two different clefs on one staff? I’m currently editing a piano piece where there is a long tied note in the bass (which is to be played with sustain pedal). Then the player is supposed to move to a higher register. If I add a treble clef just before the “higher register passage” though, the bass note also drops into treble clef.
Clef change.png
So the question is: Is there a way to have a clef affect only one voice inside one staff instead of all the voices?

Welcome to the forum, Claude_Kraus. You cannot write music in two separate clefs on the same staff, no. I wonder whether that passage might be clearer written on a third staff, or writing the notes between the staff with a voice-specific octave line so that they are transposed independently of the sustained notes in the lower staff?

Surely you would just write that high bit at the top of the upper staff, with an indication for LH? That’s easiest, and quite common.

You can fake it by writing the second half of the tied note as middle C (in the treble clef) and joining the two parts with an l.v. tie.

If you want it to play back, suppress playback of the fake note, and edit the length of the Eb.

Debussy was quite fond of this sort of notation.