Two different versions of Cubase 4 and 7, on two computers?

I have used C7 on an iMac and on a MacBookPro. The iMac doesn’t work anymore and I won’t repair it but tried to get an old iBook with C4 working again. But a message pops up saying that “this protection device contains no valid license for this application”. I’ve tried to refresh the device list but C4 doesn’t turn up.
Is it possible to use two different versions of Cubase (not at the same time of course)?


Yes, it is possible ( I’m using 6.5.5 and 7.5.20)

Update Elicenser and run a maintenance:

Hi Makubaria
Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately that new e-licenser download only supports from OS 10.7 and my iBook has 10.4………
Are there other solutions?


Try this link:

Thanks a lot, now its works!!:slight_smile: