Two Feature Requests for slurs and dotted notes

Hello Dorico Team–
I’m very much looking forward to the ‘Autumn’ update. I have two requests I’d like to put on your radar for future inclusion:
1.) Slurs that behave similar to ties. Ties are most beautifully executed. In many of my reference scores, old engravers treated slurs in an identical manner when it was between two notes (as opposed to a whole melodic line). I would love the option to have slurs link to noteheads in chords similar to ties, rather than the stem behavior currently employed. As it is right now, slurring chords is very cumbersome since every slur needs to be adjusted. If the slurs would behave similar to ties and tuck neatly in between the chords that would be most fantastic (referencing keyboard music here). The top is the reference, the bottom is dorico default.

2.) dotted notes: dot shift for chords. I have an interesting example where an organ score requires two long-value inner notes surrounded by two outer voices. I cannot get the chords to tuck properly (even using voice column index) because the dots are sifted down rather than up. An option to click on the two notes and select the dots to shift up, rather than down, would solve the problem.

As always, thank you for your excellent work!




Edit: Come to think of it… Romanos, did you try to fake number 2 with two voices (one for the dots, one for the stem)?

rhythm dots.png

Just me but I think the way Dorico is doing slurs vs ties in those chords is clearer. I don’t like slurs that at a glance look like ties until you examine them and see that they couldn’t be a tie.

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fkretlow, how did you do that?! I’m already using three voices in this measure so another voice is no problem, but I’m still not sure how you did that.

Robert, I suppose it depends on the context. When you have multiple chords that are meant to be slurred together, it is a lot quicker to simply glance at the chords and lines condensed as in the original rather than some tied and some slurred, properly speaking. Perhaps it’s my organist brain, but the original is much easier to read for me; it’s nothing out of the ordinary for organ rep. It just comes with the territory, and organists are masters of finger substitutions so the tied notes automatically stay the same while the others slur… it’s all rather normal.

fkretlow, it just dawned on me. You mean the the D and the B are each their own voice. duh.

No, I’ve got two identical chords in the same voice column, each with both B and D. One is in an upstem voice, duration dotted half note, and I’ve shortened the stem so it’s invisible. The other one is in a downstem voice, duration only a half note.
Sorry for not describing it more thoroughly earlier…

No worries. I’m still thrilled. I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow.

fkretlow, I just wanted to thank you once again for your excellent hack. I had three separate measures where I had to employ the technique and it worked like a charm!

You’re very welcome! I’m glad I could help.