Two graphics export bugs

(1) If I attempt to set a page range to export as png graphics, Dorico freezes when I enter the second page number.
(2) If I attempt to export pages as png graphics with Color set, the resulting files are entirely black.

  1. I can’t reproduce this in 2.1.10, but the way that page ranges are handled has been changed in the forthcoming update, which will allow more flexible specification of page ranges for printing.

  2. I can’t reproduce this either; I’m on Mac rather than Windows, but this aspect of the program is cross-platform so there’s no specific reason why it should be different between Mac and Windows. Do you find this happens with every project, or just one in particular?

Under Annotations, is View Options checked? If so, try unchecking it.


This has happened with every project from which I have tried to produce such an image. Colour pdfs work, but attempting to export a colour png produces a black image.

I just tried again. The two applications I generally use for displaying images, Faststone Image Viewer and Irfanview, both display a completely black image. But others display the image correctly: LibreOffice Draw and Microsoft apps Paint and Paint3D. Photos, another MS app, displays the image with a very dark grey background against which the score can be dimly made out. So there does seem to be something dodgy about the file. I’ll attach it here.

Edit: When I click on the link in thes forum, Firefox displays it with a rather dim background, but quite legible.

View Options is unchecked.

The problem was with a setting in both Faststone and Irfanview which, as far as I understand it, caused a transparent background to be displayed as black. Setting the Full Screen Background colour (Faststone) or Main Window Colour (Irfanview) to white made the images visible. Reporting this in case others use the same viewers and encounter the same problem.

Great, I’m glad you got to the bottom of it. It is indeed the case that Dorico uses a transparent background for colour PNG images.