TWO headphones at the same time

My sound card has two stereo outs (Analog 1,2 and Analog 3,4). When I use my headphones, I use calibration software for a flat response on Analog 1&2 (That’s how my master is setup). Is it possible to have a second set of headphones (plugged in on Analog 3&4) to also receive my mixed single but without the Calibration on the Audio insert?

The control room will achieve what you are after. Search cubase control room in you tube, some really good videos on there to help you set up.

This seems like exactly what I need but it seems the headphone jack on the soundcard and the headphone jack on the bunch of cables at the back are on the same channel. The XLR’s that would be used for speakers are on the other channel. I have an RME Babyface btw. Now I realise I need to get the SSL sound card for two distinct headphone outs :frowning:
SO close…

You could buy an adat expansion like the Behringer ada8200 and use outputs to run a headphone amplifier. That’s what I do with my baby pro fs.

I don’t follow what you mean. Looking at that ADA 8200, i don’t see any outputs, just inputs. I need two headphone outputs.
Can’t I turn the XLR into a headphone jack?

Any suggestions for a new DAC? that can support two headphones to which I can apply different Audio inserts in the Control room.

PS: These two headphones need to be used simultaneously - the idea is to collaborate on the same track, each person with his own set of headphones

The best option out there, and usually around 350 USD. Why not take advantage of modern 32 bit?

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Sorry I replied to the wrong one. I thought I was replying to someone with a RME interface with ADAT. By the way the ada8200 has 8 outputs. I send a pair of the outputs to a headphone amp. I can then have a totally independent headphone mix or a few if I get another headphone amp.

I DO have an RME Babyface with an ADAT port at the back

Unfortunately I can’t buy this from where I stay