Two Hip Hop Style Beats!

Two recent tracks I made with non pro mastering and such… :stuck_out_tongue: I’m workin on it! Anyways, ENJOY!

Interesting groove on the 2nd track, not the easiest to rap to I imagine!
There is a lot of low frequency rumble in those ambient samples you are using. I think the tracks will sound a lot more open and easier if you EQ that out. Try a low shelve at 100 Hz or so, maybe even higher than that.

It’s not the easiest song to rap to no! But it can be done and still sound great perhaps I will make a song with lyrics with this track. There are plenty of music producers who make hip hop styles beats but never get anyone to rap to them, the instrumentals can be nice by themselves. :slight_smile:
Thank you again for the advice Strophoid!