Two Inspector Columns

Because scrolling is my arch-nemesis and a lot of us (myself included) have the screen real-estate to do the following (27" hi-res screens and all)…

I propose the ability to add a second Inspector column flanking the existing one so you can see twice the number of panels at once, and be able to select which panels show up in which column.

Or at the very least, just dedicate the second column as an inspector for the instrument on an Instrument Track, which currently acts as a nested set of inspector pop-outs and its behavior (non-pinnable currently) drives me insane.

There is precedent for this… even Logic Pro X has a ‘double-wide’ inspector section on the left side of the project window.

Steffan, I think I like this idea, but what sort of items would be included on these extra inspector panels?

P.S. :arrow_right: Excellent work on your website. :sunglasses:


Not extra panels, I just mean having two columns so more panels can be open at once, visible on screen without scrolling.


I can see where it would be useful. Good idea.

Just bumping my old thought about the Inspector redesign:

Please, Steinberg, do something with it current state. For me it is just unworkable!

+1 for an extra column.

Inspector is becoming a bit crowded and I have so much space in the project window.