Two instances of Cubase running simultaneously

Is it possible to run two instances of Cubase simultaneously?
If not, then is it possible to open two projects simultaneously using one instance of Cubase?

I need it to compare two projects.

You can open multiple projects. A power button will show up to the top left of the project windows, allowing you to pick which project is currently active.


Also you can run different versions of Cubase at the same time (assuming you haven’t uninstalled the older one). So you can have one Project running in Cubase 9 & a different one in Cubase 8.5.

FYI the projects themselves are both forwards & backwards compatible so it doesn’t hurt to open a Project created in one version in a different version.

I have only Cubase 9. Pity a bit that you cannot run more than one instance of the same version of Cubase. However, it’s enough for me that you can open multiple projects in one instance of Cubase.

I haven’t actually tried this (or did I a couple years ago…?) but there is a decent chance it will work. Copy the Cubase 9 .exe file and give it a slightly different name (i.e. Cubase-II) but leave it in the same folder. Then try launching both of the .exe files.