Two instances of UR44C in Audio Midi Setup

I just purchased the UR44C. Downloaded all of the software, made double sure all drivers and firmware are up-to-date. Restarted several times. When I go to Audio Midi Setup (I’m on a brand new 16" MacBook Pro 2019) There are two instances of the device. I found this support article that describes the problem, and I followed all of the instructions, but I am still seeing two instances of the device, and I’m hearing clipping in the signal even at low volume, so something is not quite right. Any clues as to what to do next?

I’m doing some digging, and I suspect I have found part of the problem. I followed the directions to uninstall and re-install the YamahaSteinbergUSBAudio.kext. When I looked for the driver manually after running the uninstaller, I noticed that there is still a file in /HD_name/Library/StagedExtension/Library/StagedExtensions/Library/Extensions/YamahaSteinbergUSBAudio.kext Notice the duplicated folder structure. I suspect that the original installer had an improper path name, and the uninstaller doesn’t remove it, so when you run the new installer, there are then two instances of the driver in two locations, which both show up in Audio Midi Setup. I tried every option I could find online to try to delete the old kext file, but I can’t get rid of it.

Do the developers read these forums? It would be great if some Yamaha/Steinberg folks could look into this. I also keep seeing that Kermel Extensions are deprecated in macOS 10.15.4. I have 10.10.6. Any insight into making this work on my machine? I wold really like to get up and running.

I still have not resolved this issue. Does anyone from Steinberg monitor this forum?

Does anyone from Steinberg monitor this forum?

Yes they do, but to get support you need to open a ticket at MySteinberg

I did that, and they were of no help. They just directed me to the document I referenced above. Still, no one has confirmed that the driver runs on the version of macOS I am running. and I can’t find any reference in any forum anywhere to this actually working.