Two issues of harp pedal text


The new harp pedal calculation feature is pretty handy.
If the following things are implemented, it would be really perfect.

  1. In Filter, there is no option to filter “harp pedal”.
  2. After adding a staff above the upper staff of harp, the setting on harp pedal in the Layout option does not work. I chose the “diagram”, but “the note names” appear. Thus, I must manually change it into diagrams.

I don’t know if they are planning a filter, but “select more” works perfectly well with harp pedals.

I’ve added a filter for harp pedal diagrams so this will be included in the next update.

However, the number of staves has no bearing on whether the pedal change that is created uses a diagram or note names.

Prko, in Engraving Options > Harp Pedalling there’s an option called “show partial pedal changes for up to”. If you want Dorico to show diagrams when fewer than three pedals change, you need to change that value (or do it locally).

Dear Daniel and Leo,

Thank you!
“show partial pedal changes for up to” is what I have looked for!