Two Issues with VST Connect SE: No Local/HD files + Cannot Hear Performer via Headphones


I finally got VST connect SE working. I set up VST connect cue, talkback channel. The performer played, I recorded it on audio track (although stereo) and the performer heard the click and talkback was working. I recorded 16 measures of worth of 4/4 audio with fairly good quality. But I could not get the HD or local files. The buttons were both dimmed/greyed out.

Are these normal in SE version?

  1. I could not hear the performer via headphones just through the monitor speakers. I had the record and monitor armed on the VST connect audio track.he
  2. We waited for 10 minutes for files to be available on my side, I also directed the performed to his local disk. He couldn’t find any file larger than 16kb.

Any help would be appreciated.

“Get HD files” only works with the PRO version.
Do not engage track monitor for Performer tracks, it will cause a huge delay. You can hear the Performer at any time thru the VST Connect Monitor plugin inserted after the main monitor in Control Room. If you use headphonhes, move that plugin after the Headphones channel instead.
I don’t understand 2), without the PRO version, there is no file transfer.

As musicullam said. Place your ‘VST Connect Monitor’ into the Phones channel in control room (see pic)
Make sure you’ve set your phones channel connection in Audio connections (see pic) you’ll need to add it if you haven’t already or you won’t see it in your control room in your session
Do not use monitor button on Performer track
HD files are only available in the pro version and can be pulled into your session via a button in the app.

Thank you musicullum for the prompt help and reponse & fuzzydude for the great screenshots! I will give it a try. I just purchased Pro version. However, It seems it does not show in C10.5. I posted a new thread about this.

Great to see its resolved in the other post :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, guys I confirm that your solutions worked.

I had to sure of three (3) things as follow:

  1. Monitor is off on VST connect trac
  2. Insert VST connect monitor on my Phone 1 channel in the control room mixer/setup/insert!
  3. Assign any stereo channel to Phone 1 in control room.

Now that I have Pro version, I could download the HD and was replaced by the original one.

I run into other issues that I will post them in a new thread!