Two legato questions

In logic there is a function called force legato. That means that a highlighted note is extended until the next note. this is especially useful when there are notelength like one 8 plus a Halfnote.which can’t be expressed by dots or sth like that.
How is this done in Dorico?

when I connect two same notes by a slur , why are these notes played both and not, as a musician would do and play, just the first one and just hold the scnd one?? F.e. when a 8th note and a half note is connected ?


  1. Select the note or range of notes, and Write menu–Edit Duration–Extend to Next Note. Or auf Deutsch, Schreiben–Notenwert bearbeiten–Bis zur naechsten Note…

  2. That’s a tie you want, not a slur. To tie them, press T. Slur is S.

Thank you , but no chance to find it without help.
Both not.
No Dauer or Notenlänge or verlängern in the help search. No entry like this in the menu.

In German its Bindebogen. Thats what is shown in the right menu.

A tie is Krawatte in German…:slight_smile:

gogollny, das englische Wort ‘tie’ bedeutet in musikalischem Kontext Haltebogen, nicht Bindebogen.