Two line tempo marks

I am currently working on a project with a large number of tempo changes in a short period. Overlapping the texts of these seems impossible (as well as undesirable). In the original, the tempo marks are on 2 lines, not one. However, I can’t seem to find a way to do this in Dorico. Is this possible, and if not, could it be put on the todo list? This is rather important in modern music. Thank you. Using Dorico 3.1.


I don’t believe it’s possible natively at the moment. You’ll have to input the marks as shift-X text. Since you have many, I suggest creating a paragraph style you can quickly call up, or create the first one and with it selected, alt+click to copy it to a new spot and then edit the text.

Thanks for the idea. It will work in some places, but when I need a MM marking I need that to be below the text, and it’s not letting me do that. I can’t seem to find a font that lets me put the MM in the text block. But there are several other places i need to put only text in that this method will help a lot.


Florian Kretlow’s Metrico font is ideal for this:
You’ll want Shift-Alt-X, by the way…

Thanks! That does it! I can deal with playback issues in the Play window, so not much of a problem there.

Why Shift-Alt-X? Shift x gave me the text box. Is there something special about adding the alt?


It makes it System Text. Shift+X text will only appear on the stave it’s attached to, which is no good if there’s more than one player in the project (unless the music happens to be aleatoric and those tempo markings only belong to one player, I guess).

Ah!. Great. That will save me a lot of frustration later.

Yes, thanks Leo.