Two lines for Player Names in Staff Labels?

I have one player and with two instruments. When in Layout Options > Staves and Stems I check “show instrument names instead of player name in staff labels” it shows both instruments in the score staff label. This is great. However the instrument names are very long - “Crash Cymbals” and “Suspended Cymbals” and they are both on a single line, which takes up a lot of real estate in the initial page staff label. Is there a way to “wrap” these instrument names into two lines? Somehow I have missed it. Thanks.

Edit the instrument names and insert a line break?

Hi @Lillie_Harris . I can get to Edit Instrument Names but am unclear as to how to insert a line break. I tried scrolling to the end of the instrument Name and pressing “enter” which moved the cursor down a line but it did not affect the label appearance. Could you indicate how to insert that line break? Thanks.

Open the Edit Instrument Names dialog for e.g. Crash Cymbals, position the cursor at the start of the word “Cymbals”, press Return to push it onto a new line. You might also want to delete the space after “Crash”. Press OK. Does that work?

Type up the Instrument names in a Word Processor, one instrument per line. Copy/Paste this into the Player Name field.

@Lillie_Harris I know I’m missing something simple but it is not working. Here’s an image of what I want to change:

PlayerNames.dorico (473.7 KB)

Ah, are you actually showing player names in staff labels? Your initial post made it sound like you’d chosen to show instrument names.

In this case, what you need to edit is the player name or choose to show instrument names rather than player names. As Craig says, for fields you can’t normally enter line breaks into (like layout names as well), you can instead write out what you want with relevant line breaks in another application and copy/paste it in.

@Lillie_Harris @Craig_F Thank you both for hanging in there with me. I changed the “show player names” in staff labels, then renamed the instrument (please see image below). However, when there’s an instrument change Dorico displays the edited name. I am just too new and not tracking how to do this.

Instrument names are for instruments, so that will be used wherever that instrument appears.

If you want to show player names in the staff label but with a line break, write out what you want to appear in an external text editor (ie add the line break there), then paste that (ie both lines from the text editor) into the corresponding Player name field when renaming the player.

It looks like Craig has shared an example project with you, but here’s another one.

player_name_line_break_example.dorico (409.0 KB)

I think I’ve gotten it. At least I achieved it but my mind is not tracking the procedure! I’d love to be able to achieve this without going outside of Dorico. But, @Lillie_Harris and @Craig_F your help has been invaluable. Thanks for guiding me.

Inside Dorico, you could copy/paste what you had previously entered into the Edit Instrument Names dialog (ie the two instrument names on two lines) into the player name field, then reset the instrument name. Basically all it needs is a field that allows multiple lines directly, which some fields (like player and layout names and single lines in Project Info) don’t.

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Thanks, @Lillie_Harris I will give that a shot as well. Nice to know I can do it inside Dorico!

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