Two little bugs

I was working on a little project and came across two small but annoying bugs. I’m still on 3.1, so apologies in advance if these have already been fixed in 3.5.

I input ‘3"’ (as in seconds) in the ‘text’ box of a ‘solid line with inward-pointing hooks’. It all works fine, but when I close and re-open the file, the " symbol disappears — so I have to re-type all the text again.

I use the print mode to export a pdf that combines two page ranges, let’s say ‘1-4, 7-10’. The print preview shows the 8 pages correctly. But when I export it, only pages 7-10 end up in the pdf.

Not sure if these are just random bugs that appear for me, or if anyone has run into something similar.

Dorico exports non-contiguous page ranges as separate PDF files (as documented here).
At least on Mac, if you try to export non-contiguous page ranges you should be prompted that “One or more output files already exist. Do you want to overwrite them or create new files?”. You should click “Create New”, as if you click “Overwrite” than the PDF containing pages 7-10 will overwrite the file containing pages 1-4.

The issue with using " in various places like line annotations is indeed resolved in Dorico 3.5.