Two mixer questions?

Can I have different volumes and panning for different flows?

When I have changed instruments I often update the mixer via Playback Template, changing and changing back to Note Performer which is neat, but it wipes out volume levels and panning, can that be avoided?

You can have duplicate instruments with different panning but identical names for different flows and then include both versions and hide empty staves in the appropriate layout.

You could add cc7 (volume) or cc10 (pan) changes in an automation lane in Play mode. However I don’t know if NP responds to those.

Thank you.

Maybe I should do a separate instrument group for each flow, do you think that’s a good idea?

It’s certainly one option, but one downside of this is that the parts for a player won’t contain all the flows.

Presently I’m using the flows for different versions of a tune so its not a problem. Will try it.