Two monitors and project window position

Hi all,

I’d like to ask you about expierence with two monitors with 1920x1200 resolution and using Nuendo 4. If I open project over both monitors and I place e.g. Project window on first monitor and mixers and efffects on the second monitor, save the project and I reopen the project e.g. next day the window of Project is little bit shifted (usually across of both monitors). It means the default x-y position of Project wind is not correctly saved. It seems there is maximum resolution which doesn’t correspond to monitor’s resolution.

Sorry if this thread is already here…


what platform are you on?
what os?

You should do a search on this.

Window positions in Nuendo is something users have been complaining about for years. Let me repeat that; years. Basically it boils down to other things being a priority in terms of redesign (although every new version they seem to “code from the bottom up” again…?).

The problem as far as I can recall (don’t do double monitors now), had to do with ‘maximizing’ windows. Your problem sounds awfully familiar to me. I suggest you do a search.