Two monitors set up pictures

Hi there.
I have an unusual question.
Could you “show” in the form of photos how you have Cubase set up on two monitors?
Where is your mixer, where is the main window, and where and what vst are always open?
Many of you have unique and out-of-this-planet ideas that are extremely helpful. Even the colors you use are beneficial.

Project from a few months ago… (2 32" monitors, 2560x1440)

Mixer view #1:

Mixer view #2

Key Editor for a guitar part:

What it sounds like:

Not forgetting Lara Croft about to slit the throat of some poor Peruvian.

(For whatever reason a couple of these images have been downgraded to 1920x from the original 5120 x 1440 )
(I only open plugins when actually using them.)

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I love it!
Thank you!

Come on, guys, don’t be shy!

3 Screen Layout plus I have Super Vision on my IPad when mixing