two mr816 cxs in cubase 10 error

Hello, I want to use 2 units mr816 cxs with cubase 10 but the system is blocked.

  • I can operate the 2 units mr816 cxs in cubase 5 perfectly.
  • I can operate 1 unit mr816 cxs in cubase 10 perfectly.
  • I have reinstalled everything with the latest updates.
  • I have downloaded the latest driver versions
  • The problem occurs in windows 7 64 bits and windows 10 64

I do not know what to do … help! :frowning:

Page 43 in Operations Manual

Also, makes sure both have the current FIRMWARE

Thank you, but I already put that into practice. Always use the 2 modules mr816 cxs connected by firewire with cubase 5 without problems. I just purchased cubase 10 pro but the 2 units connected to the firewire ports in daisy mode do not work. For now I use them by entering the second module by the ADAT entries. but I lose quick connect functions. Also update the firmware.
I can not find a way to send a ticket from “My steinberg” to Steinberg’s technical support so he can give me a solution.

Any other idea?