two MR816CSX - no cue outputs

I recently upgraded to Cubase 8.0.30 from C7.5. I have not recorded in a while and may have updated to the latest asio driver since that last recording which worked great. I have been using two MR816 with Cubase for many years without this issue using direct monitoring. I simply can not get any output on the cues during recording to the headphones. I have deleted all the vst connections and added them back. I reinstalled the latest asio driver and rebooted. After two days of this, I need some help.

During recording with all inputs set to Monitor, there is no output on the three cues and no way to hear what is being recorded on the headphones. During mixing everything is also working. Perhaps there is a new setting that I need to change.

MR816CSX-1 outputs:
1/2 Master to playback monitors
3/4 Headphone mix Cue1
5 Headphone keys Cue2
6 Headphone bass Cue3

MR816CSX-2 outputs:
1/2 Drums mix - because direct monitoring works only on the first unit

3/4 Headphone mix and 1/2 Drums mix both feed a small mixer. The mixer outputs go to a headphone distribution amp, allowing the bass and keys to blend their level with their mix.

SweetWater’s Kyle had me delete this Win7 folder:

C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase someVersion#

Be sure to change yourUserName to your log-in ID. The app will rebuild a clean instance automatically. It is basically an application preferences cache.

NOTE: This was not a problem of my making. It is due to sloppy programming! All I did was upgrade to the latest version.

Sweetwater tech support ROCKS!
Steinberg tech support not so much.