Two MR816's together...

Hi, I want to upgrade my studio with more i/o. Buying two MR816 CSX seems to be a perfect match budget and sound.
Now I read the thread about monitoring problems and got a little worried. I need to be able to record 16 tracks simultaneously in Cubase while hearing everything. At the same time I need to make at least one headphone mix for the musicians. I also don’t want to work at low buffers. I want the audio interfaces to deliver close to zero latency like I am used to from Metric Halo and MOTU. Is this possible using two MR 816 CSX?

I really wish the MOTU boxes sounded a little better. The CueMix software is very nice :slight_smile:

you can make a connection with Adat ports for direct monitorings 16 ins\outs.
one MR connects via FW to computer and the 2nd MR connected to The other MR with Adat.

if u daisy chain them only with fw cable u can direct monitoring only from the unit connected to computer.(8 analog ins\outs)

Thanks, that would work. But then I will not have access to the DSP fx on the second unit. That’s a shame.

It might be better to buy only one MR816 and then add an eight channel preamp via ADAT.

Hi there. I have exactly same problem with two MR units as I wanted to try the ADAT link up instead on firewire to take advantage od DM on all inputs. So. I have taken your advice and connected ADAT in/outs between the two units. Device manager set to Clock internal (correct?) and MR unit set to ‘ADAT’ in the MR control panel.

Now the problem exists where my listening levels in the control room have no relevance. e.g. ‘cue 1’ levels seem to be same as ‘mix’? And the other ‘cues’ dont seem to work at all, and I have ensured they are enabled etc.

Do you have any ideas?


I’m want to get 2 MR816s, but is it true that when you hook them up via ADAT that you lose two channels for linking Left and Right resulting in 12 instead of 16? I want Direct Monitoring.


I was able to work it all out today. It’s not true that you lose 2 channels for L/R SPDIF. I have all 32 I/Os with my two 8 channel interfaces and Cubase recognizes all of them. One master and the other slave. Only the master is connected via Firewire. The slave is clocked via ADAT.

Check out this post. It was helpful for me.

Anybody ever find the answer to this when you do not want to be chained to cubase??? Very irritating