Two new instrumental tracks

Greetings to all!
I’ve just finished two new tracks which I’d like to share:

From East to West
Empty Promises

All instruments are from Steinberg and NI.

Don’t expect studio quality sound. The tracks are coming straight out of Cubase and haven’t seen any postprocessing yet. I will leave that to the professionals - later on.
I hope you like the tracks and any comments are welcome.


Brilliant stuff…preferred From East to West, some great sounds in there, my only criticism would be that it is so obviously made up of samples, however, they are extremely well put together and sound as professional as can be to my ears…

best, Kevin :slight_smile:


I listened to the first track.

It’s nicely put together and well mixed.

My overall impression was that it was quite busy
in that there were lots of sounds and transitions,
but nothing really melodic.

Then perhaps that was your choice and intention.

I quite like the mood of “From East to West” , well put together. I am not a big fan of discordant music, so “Empty Promises” were just that for me. Creates a pitch storm in my head, no thanks!

I concur with Kevin and Jet though, how much did you actually play? Raises the question over performer vs producer again…

All the same, good music is in the ear of the beholder, well done for making these. Keep it going. :sunglasses:


Thank you very much, Kevin.
Your comment boosts my motivation


Hi Alex, truly enjoyed listening to your two pieces. Thanks for posting them. Particularly the first one. Jet’s right that it doesn’t have a theme and development, per se, but I thought it was a clever usage of sounds to create a mood. Hope you’ll share more with us.

Thank you guys very much for taking the time to listen and to comment. I truly appreciate your feedback.
My two instrumental tracks are meant to be collages with no other intention than to entertain or even to surprise the listener. I understand that this is not everybody’s choice.
For those who prefer a more structured, more traditional and more predictable song perhaps you might like Without You. The beautiful guitar has been contributed by a friend of mine.