Two-note tremolo playback

Tremolo playback bug: The two-note tremolo is a notational anomaly in that both note-values take the full duration of the tremolo.
The notation is correct but the playback duration is only half the value of the tremelo. This can been seen in the playback lane, so it sends only half the tremolo value during playback

I’m not sure I follow you, patrom. Dorico does play back two-note tremolos to the correct duration. Please zip up and attach a minimal example demonstrating the problem you’re having.

That’s what the notation means. That is 100% consistent with common practice.

See screenshots: The tremelo is notated for a complete whole measure. It’s playing a complete bar but the triggering in playback lane is only half the measure. So when I’m triggering a tremolo sample it’s returns too soon too natural technique.

Maybe now you see it. Look at the playback lane, it’s half the bar.
tremolo playback (809 KB)

Sorry, patrom, but you’re not understanding how tremolos work. Your tremolo as written lasts for a duration of one bar, and that is both what plays back and what is shown in Play mode.

I think patrom’s complaint is that the “natural” playing technique after the tremolo is half way through the tremolo duration.(see “playback.jpg”).

That doesn’t seem to cause any problems with HSSE or NotePerformer, but if patrom is trying to use a sampled tremolo in a different VST then it could be an issue.

Sorry Daniel, but if you’ll look at the playback.jpg and look at the playback lane, you’ll see half a bar ‘tremolo’ active technique and half a bar ‘natural’.
So the notation is correct, the playback itself is correct, except the sending of the active techniques is not correct. This means it triggers a sample library for half a bar ‘tremolo’ technique and switches to ‘natural’ technique for the second half of the bar. Although that’s what I’m hearing when I use a sample library like VSL which has a performance trill patch.

Right, sorry, now I understand the complaint. Dorico doesn’t properly support the triggering of tremolo playing techniques for two-note tremolos at the moment, but this is something we hope to support more properly in the future. Sorry again for the misunderstanding.