two part synch question

I am using Cubase Artist 7. I know I can’t make Cubase a slave in artist so I can’t hit play on my sequencer and it immediately start recording in synch so part one of my question (just tell me if I am on the right track) is since I can’t do this, I listen to the 4-click countdown on my sequencer before the music starts playing and sending midi signals to cubase and that’s when I hit record on Cubase Artist. To get the parts perfectly on the grid I am guessing I need to set the time to midi and set the snap function to snap the parts to the grid so when the parts go into cubase at as close to the right moment as possible they will “snap” correctly and perfectly to the grid. Am I right about this?

Second question: I am using an ancient Ensoniq EPS (it still uses floppy disks to load the OS, intruments (which I send out as midi parts) and songs.) The problem, as I was told by a very friendly person at Steinberg, is that it sends the signals via Midi Clock rather than Midi Time Code. I know that unless the signal going into my UR-22 and then to Cubase is in MTC even a pro version of Cubase won’t even register the signal. I am planning on upgrading my Cubase version so that I can indeed slave it to the sequencer but only if there is a piece of equipment that will convert midi clock to MTC. Does such a piece of equipment exist? Because if not, I am perfectly happy using Artist 7 since it is easy to use, but I would like to know if I am on the right track concerning the “snap” function.

Thank you in advance for any information