Two people Steinberg/Yamaha should lobby to work with: The two Daves - Dave Rossum and Dave Smith

Steinberg being one of the early innovators and forefathers of MIDI sequencing and DAW development - it only makes sense. Steinberg already got Rupert Neve collab (RIP), it would be great to see that type of external collaboration ethic continued.

Dave Rossum
Dave Rossum was the main brain behind E-MU, and also collaborated with Oberheim and Sequential (Dave Smiths original company he just recently re-obtained the rights to).

Dave Rossum has since started a new company Rossum Electro-Music, which makes Eurorack Modules:
E-mu Systems - Wikipedia (

Potential Products/Collabs
-Z-Plane Filters as VST effect
-Z-Plane Filters included in Halion Engine base
-Collaboration/design in Halion
-Virtual Emulation of Rossum-Electro modules
-VSTi of classic EM-U instruments (re-branded or purchasing rights from creative labs)

Dave Smith
Coined the MIDI acronym and one of the original pushers of the specification and platform. Created Sequential, Korg, worked with Yamaha, etc.

Dave Smith (engineer) - Wikipedia

Sequential (company) - Wikipedia

In January 2015, Yamaha returned the Sequential Circuits brands to Smith in a goodwill gesture. This was at the encouragement of Kakehashi, who had worked with Smith to create MIDI. Kakehashi said: “I feel that it’s important to get rid of unnecessary conflict among electronic musical instrument companies. That is exactly the spirit of MIDI. For this reason, I personally recommended that the President of Yamaha, Mr. Nakata, return the rights to the Sequential name to Dave Smith.”[14]

In 2015, Smith announced the Prophet-6, described as a spiritual successor to the Prophet-5.[15] In May 2018, Sequential announced the Prophet-X, featuring both sample playback and digitally controlled oscillators.[16] On August 31, 2018, the 40th anniversary of the Prophet-5, Dave Smith Instruments rebranded as Sequential.[17] On September 30, 2020, Sequential announced an updated reissue of the original Prophet-5.[18]


Potential products:
-Sequential Emulations, old and new.
-Dave Smiths famous filter - the Curtis filter - as a VST, and or, implementation into Halion.

There is a rich history here between Dave Smith being a MIDI og, Steinberg utilizing MIDI to build a DAW, Dave Smith working with Yamaha, Dave Rossum/E-MU collaborating with Dave Smith/Sequential, Yamaha giving Sequential back to Dave as a goodwill gesture (who does that?), Yamaha and Steinberg partnering.

Looking back at it all, it’s really just been one big music technology orgy. Steinberg/Yamaha could potentially unite this greatness in a series of tribute products or implementations.

Also, more RND collabs would be great with the great man himself just passing RIP Rupert.

@steve do steinberg staff read the louge, i have my doubts

They do indeed. :slight_smile:

Alright, well then get Tom Oberheim on board to since him and Dave Smith are collabing within the Sequential name