Two percussion players on a single-line staff

Hello Dorico team,

I have a player playing bass drum and suspended cymbal, and I wanted to put them both on a single line as it’s just one player. Is this idea possible WITHOUT having to fudge around with visual engraving settings and whatnot? The two lines are…okay I guess, but then if it’s not possible to put it on one line, how can I change the staff label not to show both instrument names and just be like “Auxilliary” or something of that nature?


You can change the staff label via the Edit Percussion Kit dialog. On the Grid tab, select both instruments, group them together, and then change the group name.

With this, I’m assuming the one-line staff situation is not possible at this time?

That’s right. It’s something we would like to support in future, but I’m afraid it’s not easily possible at present.

In any case, that Grid label worked wonders! I appreciate the support as always!