two players sharing an instrument

Working on a score that includes two percussion players who share melodic percussion like marimba, vibraphone etc. With other words: sometimes player 1 is playing the marimba, sometimes player 2. To get the parts right I assigned these instruments to both players. So far, so fine. In the score however the shared instruments are numbered, like Mar.1 and Mar. 2. Is it possible to get rid of the numbering in this situation?

Have you tried to add an additional hard space before Mar. ? Hard spaces in Dorico are alt-shift-space

Alternatively, put one of them in their own player group in the Players panel in Setup mode (although this might have an effect on bracketing in the score, which you could still override manually though). Players in different player groups are not automatically numbered together.

Thanks Marc, but I don’t know where to add a hard space. You can’t rename the instruments the same way as the players. And in >Edit Names there are no numbers mentioned… Lillie, your tip works!! Thank you. I don’t see problems regarding bracketing so far.

A hard space depends on which OS you are using; you didn’t say.
But you certainly can edit instrument names in the Setup Mode by opening the player and then clicking on the instrument and pulling down the resulting pull-down menu.

Hi Derek, that’s great, even better. Of course I checked this menu, but I would never had thought* that adding a hard space befóre the instrument name is deleting the number áfter the instrument name! (*and now I see that this is exactly what Marc suggested : adding a space befóre Mar, I have to read better…)

The key is that if two iterations of an instrument have different names (even if the difference is invisible) Dorico will not autonumber them.

Thanks Derrek, you’ve perfectly explained what I meant :wink:

ah, of course, that makes sense!!