Two questions about activity in Cubase 10

I got two questions that I would appreciate som help with.

  1. As you can see on the film The Audio Performance Meter gives a signal all the time though its only a startup project with no playing activity going on.
    I just now switched sound card to a Steinberg UR824 and I cant remember I had this before, but Im not sure.
    Shouldn’t the Performance meter be on totally zero when nothing playing?

  2. The MIDI out activity meter gives a pulsating signal all the time. I have tried to disconnect all MIDI to Cubase but its still the same.


For 2nd question please see if this helps (do you own a CMC or similar hardware controller?):

Thanks, now I understand that it is my Presonus faderport that did it.
I didnt think about unconnecting that one when I tried to find what it was.

glad you’ve found the culprit…