Two questions about MIDI note editor

  1. I select a midi note and delete it and it auto selects another note after. I sometimes accidentally delete the second auto selected note and the one after that, too. I’m not used to this coming from Ableton and Logic so it feels a bit unnatural to me. How do I make it so it doesn’t auto select a note after I’m done deleting one? Same goes with Events. Everything seems to auto select. All I want to do is make sure I select it with my cursor first before deleting.

  2. How do I select and duplicate midi notes so that they copy at the start of the next bar line instead of after the last note? I’m super confused by the directions from the other posts so If you know of a tutorial video showcasing this, I’d be grateful. I’m a visual learner!


Sorry, none of these is possible.

  1. It always selects the next note automatically.

  2. It always duplicates to the end position of the very last selected note.

Thanks so much.

Fair enough for the first one. But is there a workaround for the second question? I’ve seen other composers do this, just not sure how. Maybe theyre doing something else to achieve the same action?


You would need to place the cursor to the new bar position to be able to paste the data there.

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