Two rythmically independant voices design in a single staff

i’m not a Dorico advanced user and for some reason i don’t find a way to realise a independant voice design like in Sibelius :

With Dorico I don’t get proper quater notes in the up-voice . any idea?
thank you

That’s because Dorico is splitting the notes according to the beat. You need to have a look at Notation Options > Note Grouping, and see what you can change there to get what you want.

Not sure why it’s not beaming those two semiquavers, though.

Once you’ve exhausted the options there: then use Force Duration for any notes that still need fixing. (e.g. select the tied note, press O, 5, 6 (making sure Insert mode is OFF).

thank you benwiggy,
the grouping notes options seems perfectly useless in this case but the force duration tip is very efficient… it takes time nonetheless…
(no problem with the two semiquavers, the right clic option “beam together” do the job)