Two-seat licence?

I have to say that I am deeply impressed with what I’ve seen of Dorico so far. Yes, I’m anxious for future improvements and enhancements, but having used the demo version for several days, I’m almost certain to buy a copy.

However, the one fly in the ointment is the licensing terms. Both Finale and Sibelius allow installation on two separate computers, as part of one standard purchase. I have a desktop computer with a big monitor, and a laptop for working on the road.

The USB dongle is a massive turn-off.
Must it be inserted ALL the time? What happens if it comes out, or breaks (which given its length, seems likely)?
Is there any risk to being able to save if it’s not functioning?
What is their reliability like?
What if I buy a new laptop with only USB-C?

Can I really not buy a two-seat software licence – preferably not at twice the price? This is so close to being a deal-breaker.

I’ve not used the dongle with Dorico, but with all my other licences it only needs to be in whilst the program is starting.

I’m afraid at the moment we don’t have a two-seat license. If you have two qualifying products, however, you can buy two Dorico crossgrades. That’s the best option that’s available for the time being if you need to run the software on two computers but really can’t or won’t use a USB-eLicenser.

The USB dongle is a massive turn-off.
Must it be inserted ALL the time?

I’ve not used the dongle with Dorico, but with all my other licences it only needs to be in whilst the program is starting.

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Re: Very sadly I will never purchase Dorico

Postby Daniel at Steinberg » Tue Jun 28, 2016 4:52 am

Peter Roos wrote:1. Does the eLicenser dongle have to be plugged during the entire time that Dorico is running, or only at the startup? (With Pro Tools it used to be only at startup, but it now has to be connected all the time)

By default, Dorico does not use the USB-eLicenser. By default, it uses the Soft-eLicenser. This means that you do not have to connect the USB-eLicenser at all. If you buy the download version of Dorico, you will not even receive a USB-eLicenser: that will only be included with the boxed version.

You only need the USB-eLicenser if you need to run Dorico on more than one computer. You then transfer your license to the USB-eLicenser, and if you want to continue running Dorico on more than one computer, you leave the license there, in which case, yes, the USB-eLicenser needs to be connected for the entire time the application is running, not just at start-up.

If you want to transfer the license from one computer to another more permanently, you only need the USB-eLicenser as the temporary repository for the license: you transfer it from one computer to the USB-eLicenser, then plug that USB-eLicenser into another computer, and then transfer it back from the USB-eLicenser to that computer. Thereafter you no longer require the USB-eLicenser on that computer.

It’s worth pointing out that the transfer of a license from a USB-eLicenser back to becoming a Soft-eLicenser is not currently possible, but it is anticipated that it will be possible by the time of Dorico’s release, or shortly thereafter.

Thanks Bob

So, yes, I would need it in all the time, if I want to have it on both my computers.

Oh well. I take comfort from the words “at the moment”, and the final paragraph of the Announcement at the top of this forum:

Steinberg is always reviewing its licensing technologies in the light of changing customer and business needs, and looking to the future we plan to introduce new capabilities to our eLicenser system that will address the needs of customers to run the software on their computers > without the use of the USB-eLicenser > while still protecting both their and Steinberg’s investment in our software.

+1. I do a lot of notation work on my Surface Pro 4 which has only one usb port. That means I have to use a usb hub to run my sound card when using Dorico and Cubase. And that means I need an external power source (to run the hub) so my system is effectively not mobile anymore - and clunky. Not to mention that I have forgotten my usb stick before and was out of work at my main studio for a few days.

That’s exactly what I did, buying a second (Edu-)Crossgrade. The same verification, as send for the first buy, was accepted. Now I have USB-eLicenser for home and Soft-eLicenser for mobil and that’s fine.

Before buying, i contacted Steinberg-Support and got this information:

“In the foreseeable future there will be no solution that allows authorization on two computers.
However, the colleagues are working to improve the system, and perhaps there will be a viable solution for your application in the future.”

A Question they couldn’t answer was, if I have to pay twice the full price for future Upgrades.

At least on Mac OS X 10.10, I can’t continue to work on a Dorico file after the dongle is removed.

here is what i need to know: can it be done? - i have cubase sx3 on a desktop but i need to install to a laptop for convenience purposes. can i pull out the dongle on my desktop when it is turned off and install that same dongle on my laptop?? - can it be done??

Yes, the dongle can be moved between computers to authorize non-simultaneous use of Dorico on separate computers. (Not sure why you are asking about Cubase here.)

You can save yourself some heartache by getting a short USB extension (sometimes called a “dongle buddy”) and plugging your Steinberg/Synchrosoft/eLicenser key into that. Keep the key and USB extension always together. This will reduce stain on the key and because it is not plugged into the stiff side of a laptop, it’s less likely to get damaged. You do not need to shut off either computer–just make sure that there are no programs running that need the key. Most Steinberg programs check the key from time-to-time, especially when saving. Getting a license error just as your about to save your latest opus can ruin your whole day! In my humble experience (YMMV) Dorico is not graceful about its key being missing when it tries to save, even after reinserting your key. (Halion also has a heart attack. :wink: )