Two separate figured bass parts on the same score

I am inputting a super interesting score from Locatelli that has two separate figured bass parts in canon. However, Dorico is allowing figures from one part to appear in the other part. I do not want this to happen. How do I input figured bass in one part without it appearing in the other, unwanted?

By default, figured bass is global (applies to everyone) but you can input local figured bass too (step 3).

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Thank you so much! Do I have to set it as local each time I use the popover, or will it stay there once I set it and come and go from the popover?

Have a look at the note in step 2 - once you’ve input at least one local figure on a staff, the figured bass popover will open set to Local on that staff. The Alt/Opt-G and Alt/Opt-L key commands also lock the popover into that type until you next change it.

Great. However, when I switch to local, my figures stop showing up in the score AND the part. Also, Dorico still wants to put figures in another part, even when I have chosen local, on rests and other places. Should I stop this particular project and open a new one and try again?

Inputting local figured bass won’t overwrite any previous figures you’ve input or prevent them from showing.

Are the staves (and their players) on which you’re inputting local figured bass set to show figures in this layout?

Yes. And it is also set to show what I tell it, instead of making skipping over a 3 or a 5.

In that case, post the project here so someone can take a look.

Locatelli Op 5 #6 1.dorico (474.6 KB)
Measures 4, 5, 6 are examples. The 7 from the 2nd harpsichord part keep showing up in Harpsichord 1. After that, the “local” button made the figures disappear in harpischord 1, so I haven’t added any to the 2nd part.