Two Simple Generic Remote Fixes

Remote Device / Generic Remote:

  1. Allow renaming of “Generic Remote” to something else.

  2. Instead of keying off the ordinal position of channels (which constantly change, thus rendering the Remote useless), key off an internal ID that surely exists behind the scenes for each Mix Console object.

There are 1000 other things to consider, but even just these two would go a long way toward making Remote Devices useful.

Which, btw, they are useful now for those crazy among us who have gone to the extreme length of pre-creating every possible instrument and group channel one might need, in template form, to workaround the ordinal position limitation.

Not that anyone reasonable would go to these lengths cough.

Please! Pretty please? :wink:

Yes yes please!

Take a look at my BCR 2000 implementation, there are some tricks with GR:


Hi all!
Been almost a year for this!
Please elevate Generic Remote into the 21st century, so I can finally use my control surface.

  1. “hardwire” hardware controls to their respective Cubase controls, so that adding a channel doesn’t confuse the GM assignments.
  2. Save GR with the project.

I had all but given up on GR, but the new winds of change give me A New Hope…
The GR Awakens!