Two simple questions

I’m new to Dorico, longtime Sibelius user. I’m getting accustomed, but there are two things that I can’t quite wrap my head around. Both are exhibited in the image.

A.) The rhythm in 4/4 is quarter, quarter, eighth, eighth tied to quarter - this is the second bar, and what I want (and believe to be correct usage). However, the first bar is what I get if I enter those values, hit tie before I enter the last quarter, unless I invoke the Force Duration. I did this a lot in the first score I created, but that was measureless, so I assumed that Dorico’s consolidation of time-values was at work; but here, with a meter signature, it shouldn’t take me an extra step to make it do what it should do. I am sure I missing something, but I cannot see a setting to invoke.

B.) The E eighth note in the first bar - should the flag touch the notehead? Is there a setting I can preset to avoid this? Again, perhaps I am wrong, but ought there not be a gap between the flag and the notehead?

Thanks in advance.

Learning as I go…

A) Notation options/Note grouping/Notation of short-dotted long patterns>split at beat boundaries
B) Engraving options/Notes/Stems>increasing ‘minimum stem length for note with flag’ will influence this… maybe other options too (?)

The design of the down-stem tails in Bravura is such that they are intended to touch the notehead. I wouldn’t recommend lengthening the stems to avoid this, as it will produce odd results in other circumstances.