Two suggestions to Dorico concerning Voices

In my previous post I outlined several problems I and others had with voices.


  1. Make voice 1 BLACK.
  2. Have the input caret reflect the voice color.

The 1st suggestion would be great because unless you’re writing a Bach 4 part invention, you can have “Voice Colors” on and the only voices that would be colored would be the multi voiced measures, the rest would be BLACK. This is better for the eyes…less strain.

The 2nd suggestion would be great because you would be able to tell at a glance what voice you’re puttin in.

Actually, Lilypond goes one step further than that. It distinguishes between “there is only one voice on this staff” (colored black) and “this is voice 1 of several voices” (displayed in a different color). These are not just two names for the same thing - for example the default stem directions and slur positioning may be different when there several voices “exist”, but only one of them contains any visible notation.

IIRC correctly, Daniel once commented that the general guidelines on access for visually impaired users mean that you can’t (or shouldn’t) rely on user feedback based on color. About 8% of males have some form of color blindness (but for some reason it only affects only 0.5% of females).

I understand. Perhaps there can be preference setting where you can switch off the color and maintain the current look.

Come to think of it, you don’t need a new preference setting for voice colors. Dorico already has “View Voice Colors”

Basically, the result of men only having one X chromosome. Females (2 X chromosomes) double their chances of avoiding colour blindness.

I’m completely up for the voice/colour thing, whether it’s the notes themselves or a signpost above the carat, something needs to change as the little information on show doesn’t really do the job (150% focus example attached).

A thought: There’s no need to display any voice information at all until a second voice has been utilised. So if the fear is that changes may add to screen clutter, there’s a potential for reducing screen clutter for a huge % of works, and instruments, that never have more than one voice. Swings and roundabouts.
Voice indicator.jpg