Two useful things


as I am working along with arrangements of all sorts, I find myself longing for two things.

  1. A status bar telling me something about my selection: instead of counting the bars I want to delete, I could lasso them and see in the status bar how many bars are selected, and then do shift+b, -x. (As long as there is no other way (is there?) of deleting bars, like select and ctrl+delete or something like that.)

  2. When I copy a bunch of notes and want to put them in a certain position in an empty bar it is very often a hit and miss situation. Why not display the orange ruler above the bar when the pointer is hovering it?


  1. if you copy and paste you can activate the caret/grid before pasting. When using alt-click I agree your suggestion would be helpful.


A status bar showing currently selected measure number, beat, octave of next input, etc. would certainly be useful (perhaps in bottom near the grid). As it is, I am getting lost in big scores and counting bar after bar… to determine where I am. (Yes, I know I can set the current layout to show measure numbers, but this would be a nice feature to always have visible and at the ready. It could be implemented to have the user control to hide if not wanted during certain times.) :slight_smile:

On that topic, is there a way to go straight to another flow? I find myself scrolling back and forth to find the beginning of flows. As long as the flows are relatively short, it’s not a big deal, but in case of a 3-act opera it would slow things down considerably.
In general more means of navigation would be welcomed. But I suppose it’s in the pipeline somewhere.

There is currently no means of navigating directly to the start of another flow, but this is indeed on our wish list, as is improving the means of orientating yourself when zoomed in so that you don’t have to count bar after bar.